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Business Solutions

At Ascot Media Group we are Building Success  through Strategic Business Relationships

Why do our clients come to Ascot Media Group? One reason, the main reason is our relationships. More than just another public relations, public affairs, and marketing firm, we know how to work closely with our clients, not just for them. Work with us to get strategies, insights and exposure from our in house and contractor partner experts around the globe. Our programs will help advance your business goals and strengthen your organization.

Talk to us and find out how Ascot Media Group's professional services deliver results at the point of impact.  Don't wait contact us today for a free consultation.

Business Strategies
We show you strategies and new perspectives to the way businesses communicate.  We lift awareness of early stage companies and expand marketplace preference for the nation’s most recognized brands in business-to-business and consumer markets.

Understanding your brand and business goals. Knowing the  patterns of success and how to duplicate them. Our strategy is key to identifying the boundaries to superior business performance and how these real or perceived boundaries can be moved, shifted and surpassed. How to find hidden assets, new ideas, and develop important relationships in ways that others have not thought of. We do our job better, develop innovative strategies, because seeing only what everyone else sees isn't good enough.

Business Research
Making good business decisions often begin with good information. But successful outcomes are based on intuitive insight. Our research teams delivers both effectively.

Not all public relations firms can offer truly effective research capability. Our program is anchored strongly in our belief in the power of fact-based insight. Our approach will help redefine your brand, manage your workforce, launch a new product or test a new design. By listening carefully to what customers, employees, suppliers and others have to say about your organization, your products and the way you do business, we get answers we need to make confident decisions concerning your campaign and your success.

We use the most innovative tools and service available today for research including:

  • Database searches
  • In-depth interviews (one-on-one)
  • Content analysis (media relations/message evaluation)
  • Intercepts
  • Focus groups (traditional or online)
  • Surveys and polls (traditional or online)
  • Data analysis
  • Program measurement and evaluation

Before you jump into a communications or marketing strategy, consider what you don't know and how much more effective the outcome would be if you knew it all.

Contact Ascot Media Group today for more information and insight in our Solutions, Strategies and Research Services.


Contact Us
  Ascot Media Group, Inc.
Post Office Box 2394
Friendswood, TX 77549

Phone: (281) 333-3507
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