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You have complex challenges and we know you need results. Ascot Media Group excels at leveraging the power of communication and media by using relationships, experience, intelligence, creativity, and integrity, all making extraordinary things happen.

Ascot Media Group will engage you collaboratively throughout the process. You can expect us to be proactive – to ask questions, raise issues, suggest things not on your agenda. You will quickly learn that we are self-starting fact-finders; we are inquisitive and committed to research in every form. We want to learn as much as we can and we will immerse ourselves in your business. The more you let us in, the better we will be able to help you on your way to success.

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Our Team

Ascot Media Group is a very unique PR firm, world-known for delivering unmatched customer service and low priced, highly effective publicity campaigns. It is among one of the most trusted names in the Industry. Ascot has been voted number one for publicity and marketing multiple times, year after year in the USA.

Our team comprises of highly skilled professionals who will group together and make sure each campaign gets the dedication it deserves. The team have been known to work around the clock to assure our clients not only succeed, but will, without hesitation, return for all future campaigns. When our clients invest in Ascot Media Group, we are honored and grateful, and in return, we give your campaign everything we possibly can to ensure its success.

Our ability to reach each and every media outlet, world-wide through our databases, software and servers is key to the success of public relations campaigns. Other PR firms come to Ascot Media Group and use our services behind the scenes for their own clients. We are very proud and honored of that fact.

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